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Wedding Dress and Bridal Dresses - get your dress 20-40% off retail! These wedding and bridal dresses are the exact same designer wedding dresses that are in your local bridal shop. These wedding and bridal dresses are not replicas. Click here to request a quote.

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After your wedding day you will want to preserve your wedding gown to keep it in the same condition as it was on your wedding day. Frozen Magma offers "The Wedding Gown Preservation Kit."

This kit is very popular in bridal salons and retails between $150 to $200, sometimes even $300. At Frozen Magma we offer the exact same kit for only $99.

You can learn more about the kit and process at the "Wedding Gown Preservation Company" website by clicking here.

How does it work?

1. Fill out form and shipping label.

2. Put stain stickers on areas of the gown that may need special attention. Please use only the stain stickers provided, as others may damage the gown. (Since the most common problem area is the hemline, you do not need to mark this.)
3. Place gown (and any accessories) in the bag provided. Place white and yellow copies of order form in bag with gown (pink copy is for your records). Close bag with the twist tie provided.
4. Unfold and assemble the box provided. Wet tape and apply to bottom of box (in area indicated). You may use your own tape if you prefer.
5. Place bag inside box.
6. Close and tape top of box like bottom.
7. Remove small receipt number from shipping label you choose and place on pink copy of order form and retain for your records.
8. Peel ARS tag or PRP tag from backing and place on box.
9. Ship to "Wedding Gown Preservation Company" by:
a. Bringing box to any Mail Boxes Etc. (or any package shipping store)
b. Bringing directly to any UPS or FedEx terminal
c. Giving box to any UPS or FedEx driver
d. Bringing the box to work (if your employer has UPS or FedEx service) at no charge to your employer or you
e. Bringing to any grocery store that accepts UPS or FedEx packages
f. Calling 1-800-PICKUPS, or 1-800-GoFedEx and UPS or FedEx will come to your home (a service charge may apply when calling UPS).
10. Your gown will be handled with personal care, preserved, then shipped back to you within 10-15 business days from the day "Wedding Gown Preservation Company" receives it.
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